Sunday, 9 January 2011

Social Saturday - Party night with birthday girls @getgood & @karmadillo

I've been mulling over the idea of introducing Social Saturdays this year in an attempt to get my work/social life balance evened out a bit as part of my 2011 goals. The idea is I set aside a Saturday a month or so, and then try and see as many friends a possible! That way I get to pack a whole load of fun with friends into one day, but I'm not sure how effectively that will work out, as the idea relies on the friends I want to see being free on that particular day. I'll give it a bit more thought.

I definitely had a social Saturday last weekend with my friends Nicky & Sas's birthdays at their joint party. This was my first proper night out this year and I was really looking forward to it (and the excuse to get glammed up)!

I was over the moon that my new Maybelline lipsticks arrived from Ebay that, especially after the trouble I had when I went shopping for them at Birmingham's Rag Market a few weeks ago. (BTW, the owner of the stall has recieved my complaint letter and I am waiting for a response. Soon!)

I had popped into the city centre in the morning and picked up an uber sparkly Urban Decay glitter eye gel. It's meant to be eyeliner, but why stop there. More is MORE! ;)

And why not follow the bling through in my earrings, belt and sequinned shoes too!

The theme of the party was CHEESE! There was a MOUNTAIN of the stuff, and I think I even spotted a white chocolate chip cheese.

I hadn't seen Sas or hubby Marty since the hazy days of summer, so it was great to catch up with them. We had gifts to exchange too!

I brought Marty back a very special tie from New York. Looks great Marty!

And my Mum had a present for Marty too! A very special painting ineed, I think you will agree.

And then it was time for my pressies! I was assured that out of my two presents, the first one was the best one.


Do you know what THAT IS?! Yes, it's what you think it is! Marty took this for his submission to the 4am Project. It's left me speechless as you can imagine ;D

Then there was this beautifully wrapped gift. In red paper too.

Unwrapped, it revealed this Vivienne Westwood box. My heart was racing with excitement.

And behold a GORGEOUS purse/clutch bag in red. I LOVE it. Thank you so much guys!

But the fun didn't stop there. It was great to see so many friends at the party and have a good catch up, some of who I hadn't seen for months. It was a fab first night out of 2011. Thank you Nicky and Sas!

Of course you can't have a birthday without cake, and I wanted to capture the birthday girls blowing out the candles.

Here's to a more social 2011 :)

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