Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Five star luxury at Four Seasons First Residence Cairo

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When British Midland International told me I'd be staying in the Four Seasons in Cairo, it was all I could do to not jump around with excitement! The Four Seasons?! Five Stars?! Yes!

I'm all for luxury, but just don't enough of the finer things in life as often as I'd like. This was going to be a REAL treat.

There are two Four Seasons hotels in Cairo, the Nile Plaza and the First Residence (on the River Giza) which we stayed in

The 5* experience began when me and Nicky arrived at the airport and were greeted by our Four Season driver. He took our luggage and walked us to an air conditioned BMW. Waiting for us in the car was some chilled water and refreshing lemon scented towels. And it's these little touches continued throughout our stay.

We got our first taste of Cairo traffic on the hour's drive from the airport. I enjoyed just taking in all the new scenery along the journey. When we arrived at the hotel we were greeted by the assistant manager who swiftly took care of our bags and showed us to our rooms.

Thoughtfully, they had given me and Nicky rooms next to each other. My breath was taken away as we were given a tour of our accommodation. I've stayed in some nice hotels before, but this was another level!

Hand written welcome card: "Dear Ms Strunks, Welcome to Four Seasons Cairo at the First Residence. Have a memorable stay"

I wasn't sure what do it first! So of course I made a video giving a tour of my room!


The next thing I wanted to do was get online. The Four Seasons do charge for wifi. If my memory serves me correctly it's $20 (usd) for 24 hours for one device, or $30 (usd) for up to four devices and super speed. We had the first option complimentary and I found it fast and efficient for general internet use. I think the super speed would be useful if you wanted to connect more than one device and had a lot of uploading/downloading to do.

So, within minutes I was tweeting away! Yay.

Well stocked fridge, snacks, and complimentary water

Room Service Menu

Suggested jogging routes with measured distances

View over River Giza towards Tahrir Square

After a day of travelling, and grabbing a bite to eat and a few drinks, I was ready for sleep.

I've got to tell you about my bed!!

It was perfect. Do you know that lovely feeling you have when you get into a bed, and it's so comfortable and you think 'bliss' and have a smile on your face as you fall to sleep? That. But x10! I LOVED the bed.

The next morning me and Nicky made our way to breakfast armed with our cameras. This was not just any type of breakfast. This was something else! 

Of course there was breakfast cereal, and fruit and yogurt and such like - and even with those items there was a huge choice. But there was so much more. Countless types of bread. Savory traditional Cairo dishes, and sweets. Meat and dips. Fresh local honey comb. Fish. Spices. Vegetables. Whatever your heart desired for breakfast there was something here that would satisfy it.

This is a very big hotel. It has (I think) 17 floors. It has a shopping mall. Several restaurants. A Spa. Pool. Casino. Bars. If you were so inclined, you really needn't leave the hotel at all. Everything you need is at your disposal.

The opulent corridors and indeed, every room, had the most amazing fresh flower displays!

Of course I was drawn to the red flowers! ;) Thanks to Nicky for taking the photo!

At every turn there was more splendor. I was in love!

This is the shopping mall. Three tiers of shops surround an open restaurant.

Of course, we had to make use of the pool too! Nicky dived straight in and cooled down. I relaxed under the shade of an umbrella.

I've been totally bowled over by this hotel. They have earned their 5 star rating for a reason.

They second guess and meet their guests needs. Even things you didn't know you wanted or needed, they provide without prompt. More fresh fruit for your room? There it is. Running low on bottled water? Don't worry, the fridge has already been stocked up. You must be hot from exploring the city? Here's a refreshing lemon scented towel. You need directions to a restaurant? No problem, here's a map and directions in Arabic for the driver. We'll even ring the restaurant and book your table for you. All these seemingly small gestures went towards making a relaxed and stress free stay.

Not only does the hotel offer luxury surroundings and accommodation, but the staff were second to none. They were friendly, attentive, efficient, and went that extra mile.

I can not fault anything about my stay here, and I have been thoroughly spoiled!


Thank you to the Four Seasons and BMI for a stay and trip of a lifetime!

Coming up -  my business class flight :)


Elizabeth said...

I love the pic of you with the red flowers. Obviously, such displays and mirrors were made for you. ;-D What a refreshing oasis! Isn't it soul-relaxing when things are done so well, to such a solid standard?

Karen said...

Hehee. Thanks. Nicky told me to look 'wistful' :D Oh it really was an oasis. It made such a difference not to have to think about anything. Coming back home required quite an adjustment period! :) x

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