Sunday, 16 January 2011

Weekly running round up - 10 miles reviewed

Well, I met this weeks goal of matching the 10 miles I ran last week!

I've had to break up the 10 miles into 4 runs. Ideally I'd like to keep to 3 runs per week. There's a couple of reasons for this.

I get more satisfaction out of 3 mile runs than 2 milers or 1.5 as I did today. With the shorter runs it feels like I've just got going and it's time to stop. It seems to take me .5 miles to get into the run. It's like I've shocked my body into moving and it has to catch up with the change!

Secondly, time. It's simply more time efficient to fit in 3 runs as opposed to four when you take into account the getting ready for a run bit and recovering afterwards.

So this week, I'm going to do my best to complete 10 miles in 3 runs instead of 4. And I also have a big preference to running earlier in the day rather than the evening when I'm usually getting a bit tired. More on that later.

I think you may need to click on image to see it bigger

Monday - 2 miles

A wee bit of a struggle. Body & legs felt heavy and like I had never run before! If you want to interpret the chart, the higher spikes are where I have slowed down and/or taken a walk break.

Although I try to avoid hills or rather inclines, it's a bit impossible around some streets where I live. However I am pleased that I talked myself into powering up an incline that moments before I was going to walk. There's a lot of self talk and encouragement that goes on at times!

Weds - 2 miles

In the rain! I actually love running in the rain. It didn't bother me one bit when rush hour evening traffic ran into puddles and splash me! This was a better run and body and mind were with me on this one. "Bring it on!" I was thinking as I deliberately splashed into puddles in the street.

It was a little bit of a rush though as I had to get home, shower, change and shoot off to hula hoop class.

Friday 4.5 miles!

.5 mile warm up walk THEN 4 miles WITHOUT STOPPING!!

I only slowed down for a minute to change the battery in my mp3.

I LOVED this run. It felt really good. Nice and easy. It was quite windy, but the rain stayed away and the sun even came out for a little while.

The only downer about this run was that at the last .5 mile I developed a blister. This was despite taping up my blister prone areas - the tape has slipped out of place. Ouch.

And it was only when I got home that I discovered I need to get a new sports bra! The ones I have were when I was 30+ lbs heavier, and although they felt fine and seemed to do their job, they were obviously not the right fit. So I am now a proud owner of a Shock Absorber!

I decided to get arty again with my warm up walk. It kinda worked. Sort of. It's a running man!

To keep things varied and not just run around in circles I though I would try and run on all the paths in Cannon Hill park. I actually went over the sames paths more than once due to the mileage I wanted to do. A loop around Cannon Hill on the outside paths is almost a mile.

Sunday 1.5miles

This was just a quick run to bring my total up to 10 miles. I wish it had been a bit longer, but I really don't want to over do it. I had also put a special blister plaster on my blister before my run, but like the tape, it has shifted out of place by the time I had finished.

And this is a map that combines all the runs I have completed this week.

So! Another week, another 10 miles. I'm happy with that! In fact, it's quite hard to believe at times.

Another lovely benefit I'm discovering after a run is a runners high! All those endorphines I didn't know I had are springing into life lol. Also, and it comes as no surprise, I find myself going to bed a bit earlier. It's strange to actually listen to my body these days. Resting is just as important as exercise and I need to allow myself the time to recover from these runs.

My goals for this week are:

Complete 10 miles (maybe 11) in 3 runs.

Make my weekly long run 5 miles *gulp!*

Address my blister issue - more plasters or new trainers?

Run earlier in the day, and not the evenings.

I've had some great responses from my twitter friends. Lots of encouragement and advice. And even had a few tweets from twitter friends, like this one from David Webb saying I've inspired them to get their trainers on and go out for a run!

Good luck with the running guys and girls - we can do it! :)

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