Friday, 14 January 2011

Weekly weight loss report - week 2 - Hello 10 stone!

Wow! Okay, this is a one of those weigh-in moments that I would give myself a certificate for!

13 outstayed your welcome

12 stone... forgotten you already

11 stone... au revoir

10 stone....Heellloooooooo there!

I should clarify, I'm in the 10 stone range now! I haven't seen the 10 stone range for about 3.5 years.

Week 2 weight - loss - 2.6 lbs

Total weight loss - 36.2 lbs (2 stone 8.2lbs)

This also means I am getting closer to my original 40lbs goal!

And I've also realised, that whilst I was hovering around the 30lbs weight loss for weeks, and the scales didn't do much either way, I didn't use that as excuse to go off track completely. I knew I had eaten a bit more over Christmas, but I still monitored what I ate to a degree, so I knew the reason for stalling in losing weight.

I must admit that I think taking up exercise this year (mainly running & a hula hooping class) has helped to move the scales in the right direction too. From August to December the 30lbs I lost was without doing any exercise. My original motivation for losing some weight was for my trip to New York as I knew I'd be doing so much walking (which I did!) and thought it might be better to be a bit lighter. I lost 5lbs during my month long stay in NYC.

And it was never the lack of motivation that stopped me from doing any exercise, it was that there was always other things to do and I prioritized work, worrying that if I neglected it for any length of time that it would do damage to everything I have built up. I guess work is like a child, I nurture it and attend to it and watch it develop!

Naturally, I know it's madness to sacrifice health for work, and this week it's finally dawned on me that it's not a wise decision. I've got a LOT I want to pack into this life I have and I need a lot of time to do it! If I make myself ill through neglecting myself, that isn't going to happen. Which would be a shame!

I've run 8.5miles so far this week and did my longest run with out stopping of 4 miles which I'm over the moon about. I want to do a short 1.5 miles tomorrow to make it to 10 miles in total for the week (like last week) , then I'll blog about that.


Of course my diet has changed! Pre weight loss it was all about a quick fix. Literally anything I could eat that would be convenient AND satisfy my taste buds. I was very taste bud driven. I envied people who would eat whatever was put in front of them. I had to have exactly what I fancied. Which was basically made up of a lot of rubbish. Oh I did eat fruit and veg, but the other things I ate kinda negated their goodness in a way.

I'd guess my diet is now made up of 90% of unprocessed foods and 10% processed. I'm cooking a lot more. During the warmer months and in NYC it was a lot of salad type foods and now it's colder, more hearty meals such as roast dinners, spaghetti bolognese, chilli con carne, and soup and stews (I LOVE my slow cooker!). I'm cooking enough for 3-4 meals at a time which saves time cooking every day.

I make choices now. Instead of having this AND that. I decide if I will have this OR that.

And I'm viewing food as 'fuel' more, and being more aware that I need to fuel up before my running for example, and also the importance of replacing depleted energy, but just not too much! It's a different feeling knowing that I've 'earned' my food and yet I don't feel I am depriving myself of anything.

I'm off to cross some boxes off my weight loss chart now! :)

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