Saturday 7 April 2012

Partying at Fat Sam's Grand Slam with Bugsy Malone

I had a super awesome day with my Mum yesterday. A great Good Friday!

We made our way to London for Future Cinema's Bugsy Malone at The Troxy.

I followed Fat Sam's instructions on the invitation and from the moment we arrived and joined the other guests under the archway, we were entertained.

It was a great reason to get dressed up! The characters from Bugsy Malone were brought to life. It was highly engaged with it's guests, because you really felt like you were a guest at Fat Sam's Grand Slam, not a member of the audience.

It was over 3 hours of fun, and so worth the trip to see it.

If you get a chance, go and see it! They have a kids version and a grown ups version. There's a bar and Mama Lugini's Italian food such as spaghetti and lasagne. (The food smelled great!)

Thank you to Future Cinema for inviting me along!

I've storify'd all my tweets, pics and videos from the day. Enjoy! :)

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