Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Big Brum Love Tour

I'm still annoyingly in holiday mode after a wonderful few days away in Wales last week (to be blogged!), but rather than fight that holiday feeling I decided to go out to play with some friends yesterday on the Big Brum Love event.

The Big Brum Love Tour is the brain child of my friends Marty and Sas Taylor, and the walk was part of the brilliant Still Walking Festival; a fortnight of amazingy walking tours in Birmingham.

The premise of the walking tour was really simple: a short stroll through Birmingham city centre, spreading the love you have for the city and whatever else you love.

I brought my mum along, because I love her. Awwww! :)

I love My Mum @createdineire

And I wore my special heart shapes from my best friend just for the occasion.

It was full of fun and music, and love was spread and even hugs given to strangers (not by me, I'm not that generous with my hugs haha).

Here are some of the highlights as the Big Brum Love procession made it's way through the city centre.

The gorgeous Love Clown!

Free Hugs

The Procession
It's all getting a bit surreal

The Love Board. I love New York! 

We were serenaded all along our walk!

Fab video of the afternoon by Franzi Baehrle


And here's a Storify round up of the tweets, pics and videos from the day.

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