Thursday 7 June 2012

Brave New Ventures: Mission Report

You may already know that recently I was recruited by Brave New Ventures as Chief Information Officer.

The date of Monday 4th June had been set as the date for me to complete my secret mission for BNV.

In order to be fully prepared for whatever tasks may be waiting I arrived in London a couple of days earlier, under the guise of a visitor for the Jubilee....


My stealth paid off and I went by undiscovered as a BNV agent as I took in the sights and sounds of London.

The day of my mission had finally arrived! I could barely sleep for excitement the night before.

I unpacked my uniform...

I don't normally wear t-shirts, so did my best to glam it up a little! 

I was allowed to bring an assistant with me.
Our rendezvous point was by the statue of the engineer at Euston station. Gathered en masse were fellow recruits ready for their BNV mission, many of who were dressed in boiler suits and boots. They looked hard core! I began to wonder if my skirt, t-shirt and bling combo would cut it!  

We were led by BNV staff to the Head Quarters where there was a lot of serious activity going on.

My worst fears soon immediately materialise when I was handed A BOILER SUIT TO PUT ON!! (can you imagine?!) There is photographic evidence of this, but it will never see the light of day, will it Joanna?! 

Everyone complied with the orders and instructions that were being given by BNV staff. We were dressed how they wanted us dressed, tagged with wrist bands, and queueing in an ordering manner. 

We were given the opportunity to exchange our currency so that we could make purchases when we were through to the other side. 

And what is the other side like?!

Like nothing you will have experienced before! 

London felt like a million miles away. 

What you will find is a multi-storied 190,000 square foot area that is yours to explore! You will discover something new at every turn.

The BNV staff will make sure you are kept busy too. Expect to be given tasks to complete, and missions to execute. Remember why you are is your mission to secure the future!

Well, I hope that has answered your questions and enlightened you about Brave New Ventures

What do you mean, no?! 

Okay, let me snap out of character! *snap* 

I'll try and fill you in, but I will have to leave some details for you to find out for yourself...

It was easy to forget during my mission that we were there to see a film. The set that has been created is not only huge, it's immersive. You will spend a good couple of hours getting involved in the film that you are going to watch later! 

What film?! I'll pretend you didn't ask me that. It's a secret, remember!

But by the time you settle down and watch the movie you will have met all the characters, and will have lived through what some of them live through in the film.

Can you tell us any more?! 

Yes. Go, go, go!! You really won't have had a cinema experience like this! This is one of Secret Cinema's biggest productions yet, and it won't disappoint. The event lasts about 4.5-5 hours. This isn't just watching a film, this is playing a role in the film, on an amazing set, with actors and other BNV 'employees', all working together on the same mission! 

A few tips....
  • There are several bars there, and they serve lovely cocktails as well a spirits, cider and beer 
  • Wear flat shoes
  • Don't wear too many layers - you will be too warm. 
  • You can buy a meal there if you are hungry, and if you are both hungry and feeling extravagant you can got to the Secret Restaurant with food from top chefs and flowing champagne. 
A big Thank You to Secret Cinema for a night to remember! 

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