Monday, 2 July 2012

Secret Cinema: The big Brave New Ventures reveal!

The day has finally arrived and I can finally reveal the film behind my Brave New Ventures mission! Whew and yay!

A message from Brave New Ventures HQ

The missions are over, the recruits demobilised and the cat, ladies and gentleman, is out of the bag. As you may or may not have heard or experienced, the project that Brave New Ventures and Secret Cinema have been working on these past weeks was Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel Prometheus. This has been the production of a lifetime, and we would like to thank all recruits for assisting in making it what it was. We’ve created a video giving more information on our missions. Enjoy

I won't keep you in suspense a moment longer! Can't see the video? Check it out here

Yes, the Brave New Ventures film was........ Ridley Scott's Prometheus!!

The above video looks amazing, and let me tell you it was every bit as exciting and dynamic at the event itself.

I think it's safe to put up a few of my photos, but the one of me in a boiler suit will NEVER see the light of day!

Getting ready for the event. I thought I might have got away with this outfit and not be made to wear a boiler suit! No luck :D

The cocktail makers where BNV robots

Testing Samples from Outside

Currency Exchange

Waiting to embark on our mission

Brave New Ventures HQ

BNV worker 

I just had to stop mid writing and watch the video again!

I have never been so engaged and interested in a trip to the cinema.

It started back in May when I was recruited to become a Chief Information Officer for Brave New Ventures.  But it wasn't just some email saying 'You've been recruited' and 'turn up on such and such a date'. There was intrigue, there was correspondence, there were missions to complete before full recruitment. Friends and followers were asking me what it was all about and I genuinely had no idea. Of course I was curious enough to just go with the flow, and to take part even though I wasn't sure what I was letting myself in for!

Brave New Cinema had ALL the basis covered in terms of communication and participation. They used social media, they gathered a community; We were on a mission, though we didn't know what mission! We were in it together. Whatever 'it' was!

They created a buzz. Not just online, but offline as well. They hit the streets and amazingly gathered over 400 recruits in the heart of London.

And in the black of night, brave souls took part in some secret data analysis.


We were told what clothes to wear, we were told about items we must bring. We were running about doing as we were told, still without a clue as to why!

This was a far cry from just checking into a cinema on Foursquare. In fact, we didn't even know our final destination until about 10 minutes before hand. By then I think it's safe to say, we were all far too engrossed in events to even think about Foursquare!

This was a perfectly masterminded exercise in mass participation and was so carefully crafted and orchestrated and took in practically every medium of communication. You really felt like you part of a bigger collaboration.

Even BEFORE the point of buying a ticket, people had been engaged and 'recruited'. Participants were taking a leap of faith as they didn't know what they were actually buying a ticket for exactly. In fact, they didn't buy a ticket, they 'invested' in Brave New Ventures and were playing a part in 'securing the future'.

By employing all these methods, how far did the word spread about BNV and Secret Cinema? Not only did the press pick up on it, which is no surprise, but the amount of discussion and guess work that was happening on and offline would have been monumental!

This was never going to be a case of selling seats in a cinema. It was about creating something memorable, (I'm still talking about it now!), interactive, social, virtual, offline and collaborative.

I know that going to my local cinema will never be the same again.


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