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My Great British Seaside Holiday with my fab mum

Waaayyyyy back in June (it feels so far away already!), my lovely mum and I took to the English Coast for a seaside holiday.

We had about 6 days away along the Kent coast, and of course, it being a British Seaside holiday, we had rain on all but one of the days.

My mum chose Herne Bay as our base and we stayed in a lovely 300 year old 4* B&B called The Priory. The free wifi was a bonus too! 

I was really happy to meet some fellow tweeters there! 

Here's a few of the things we got up to on our hols


Of sorts. And in the rain. My mum did really well and found such treasures as a rusty wheel, a leather bookmark, a lighter and a dog! :D


Of course we had to go to the famous Canterbury cathedral.

Canterbury Tales 

I really enjoyed this quaint attraction. We were led from one darkened room to the next with a new tale of deceit, love, jealousy.... The stories were fun and were told by rudimentary animatronics, some of which were quite grotesque (but in a funny way!). 


My Mum and Dad took me here for a holiday when I was about 5, and Mum wanted to go back again. Luckily we got a break in the rain! 

Re-visiting Margate with my Mum
The main attraction of the day was the Turner Contemporary who is playing host to Tracey Emin's exhibition She Lay Down Deep Beneath The Sea. The exhibition is on until 23rd September. 

A letter from Tracey in a shop window. She is inviting people to attend her exhibition

Rodin's The Kiss
I loved the TC! It's a beautiful bright white building with amazing view over looking the sea. 

I really recommend the Tracey Emin exhibition in which she explore the themes of love and romance in her honest and sometimes brutal way. 

A few Tracey Emin postcards
I was so inspired by Tracey's work that I went to the gift shop and bought a pencil, rubber and a little book. 

'I'm going to be an artist!', I declared. 'Mum, you can be the subject of my first piece of art!'

My mum looking across Margate harbour
I showed my Mum my wonderful work and she laughed and there ended my career as an artist. If I have learnt anything from the experience as An Artist it's that you have to develop a thick skin; not everyone will understand your art or your message, not even your mum. Everyone's a critic as they say! ;D


Possibly my favourite place that we visited (on the day it didn't rain). 

We visited the Charles Dickens Museum. If you are a Dickens fan then you have got to go here. It's based in a small house where Dickens stayed and is crammed with items belonging to Dickens; from furniture to prints and letters. 


This was the shortest time I've spent anywhere! We got off the bus, I took a photo of the harbour and we got on the next bus! It was the end of the day and we were ready to make the journey back. I'm sure Ramsgate is amazing! 

Dickens World

One day we headed to Chatham for Dickens World. The website made it look quite fun. But to be blunt, I think it's seen better days, but in some ways it was so bad, it was good. Well, not good exactly. Amusing is more like it, but not in the way they probably intended. 

I said at the time it was like a theme park that went wrong that you would see in The Simpsons.  

There was a play in which the costumed 'actors' mimed, MIMED, their way through a 10 minute version of Oliver Twist. Fagan had a big fake beard so he didn't even have to make the effort to move his lips. In the background of the set, a cleaning lady went round and emptied the bins. 

The 'characters' on the set would interact, but only if you made the effort and even then, their hearts weren't in it. Half of the Haunted House was broken. It felt like a nineteenth century ghost town - all the life had gone from it. Oh, I could go on. It was all round, just a very bad show. 

Talk about ending the holiday on a high note! lol

It was fab to spend quality time with my ace Mum. She's such a laugh. Thanks for an brilliant holiday Mum! Love you! 

If you want to catch all my tweets from my holiday, I've got them all Storified :) 

Say hello to me on twitter @karenstrunks and my Mum is @createdineire

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