Monday, 24 October 2011

Helping the Women's Institute build community websites

A couple of weeks ago, on a chilly Saturday morning, myself and Nicky boarded a train bound to a village hall in Beckford for the Women's Institute Tech Fest day.

Talk about local had been invited to the event, and Will Perrin was booked to talk about about the power of community websites, something that talk about local does exceptionally well!

This was my first encounter with the WI, though of course I had heard of them before, and I recently watched a documentary called A WI Guide To Brothels, which I thought was very forward thinking of them and a very good watch. You can watch the full documentary on youtube.

I loved meeting just a few of the WI ladies in person (there are over 208,000 members) and we were soon helping some of them get their own wordpress websites up and running, and I helped one particular lady get started on Facebook so she could keep up to date with your grand son.

Nicky has done a great job of Storifying the day. We had to slip in a few photos of cakes of course! ;)

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