Monday, 23 January 2012

Speaking at the Birmingham Girl Geeks launch event

Last Saturday was the launch event of Birmingham Girl Geeks

What is Birmingham Girl Geeks you ask?

It's a networking event for geeky girls and women in Birmingham and the West Midlands! 

It was a fantastic first event, with about 40 ladies coming along to Urban Coffee. The event organisers, Rachel McCollin, Nivi Morales and Karen Bugg did an amazing job, and considering it was the launch event, it actually felt very established already. A testament to all their hard work. 

The ladies asked me to do a short talk at the event, and I spoke about the 4am Project, how it began, how I used social media to make it global, and gave a few hints and tips on managing an online project. Btw, there will be another global event coming up in April which I'm aiming to announce next month!

The star guest of the day was Denise Jacobs from Miami, who is an author, speaker and web evangelist! And quite an inspiration. She spoke about encouraging women to become visible web experts

Then it was time for my talk. Hope you enjoy it! I tried to squeeze a lot into 12 minutes!

And last, but not least, Rachel McCollin spoke about launching her own web design business and mobile web design!

And there were cakes!

And a raffle - and I won a book! CSS Detective by Denise Jacobs. Hey, I'll be a Girl Geek yet! :)

And I had to draw the next raffle ticket out, and I pulled out my Mum's numbers! What are the chances of that. She was very happy as there was some gorgeous jewellery to be won as well!

I did a Storify of some of the tweets and pics from the event. 

There are even some dates set in place for the next events:

Evening of 16th Feb, 17th March, 19th April, 17th May, 23rd June & 19th July! A full schedule for your spring/summer diary. Just keep an eye on their website and twitter for more info. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet other ladies and some new faces too, and I really recommend it :)

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