Sunday, 1 January 2012

And Hello 2012!

Here we go! A brand new year! YES!

It's my favourite time of year, though my usual excitement was slightly subdued because of a cold.

I celebrated the passing of the old year to the new year in my preferred way - at home, alone. It was a time to reflect and plan and be thankful for all that 2011 brought. It was a jolly Good Year indeed.

I've been blogging here for one whole year now! I love this little space. And thanks for reading! I've had a little look at my blog stats this morning and it's great to see so many peeps from so many countries tuning in!

I want to wish....

...a very happy 2012. Hope it's a blast for you! 

What's on your plans for this year?

Anything new on your radar?

Keeping things the same, or making a change?

Are you aiming for something audacious?!

I've been having a good think about this year, and I've decided I'm going to recycle some of my goals from last year! (No, I'm not being lazy and unimaginative!). Honestly, 2011 was pretty good. No, it was really, very fab! 

I learnt a lot and I'm going to keep on doing what works. I want to keep things moving in the right direction and having some adventures along the way! 

There's a few practical online things I want to put in order. Mainly my profile which I feel is a bit scattered, so I want to bring everything together and have a 'one stop' place for what I do and who I am. From speaking to peeps this year it's clear to me that it's not clear to them what I do exactly! Some know me from my photography, some from talk about local, some from the social media cafe, some from this blog etc... So it's time to bring it all together! 

There's a less tangible area I want to work on. Like being braver and bolder! Do you know when you want to do something a bit big and out of your comfort zone and there's that moment that causes you to pause because a little voice goes, "Mmmm, should I?". Well, that. I mean, I do pretty much go for things I want in general, but overall I want to eradicate that pause and just go for it! 

Positivity! There's a lot of power in positive thought. And a lot of power in having positive friends too! I've got a great group of friends who are just that. Really positive. And supportive and inspiring too! I want to keep it that way and banish negativity and negative people coz they just ain't welcome! 

New York is still at the forefront of my mind and is one of my biggest goals.

There we go! That's enough to keep me busy for now. And I'll keep you posted along the way! 

Have a Super Duper 2012! 

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