Saturday, 19 February 2011

I did it!! Reached 40lb weight loss goal! - Weekly weight loss report - week 7


I have met my original 40lb weight loss goal!!

In one respect it is hard to believe. I haven't seen this weight for about 4 ish years. But on the other hand, I can believe it. Of course the scales tell me so, but also I've just kept doing what I know works, and over hauled the way I eat, and this year have even introduced exercise.

This graph show my 10lb weight loss for this year. As you can see, there have been ups and downs. That's completely natural and the main thing is not to get disheartened on the 'ups'. I've handled the increases really well because I've always had the long term picture in mind.

This chart is from August until today. Again, there have been weeks when I've had increases in my weight. You just have to keep doing what you know works and trust your body to do what it needs to each week.

Weight loss starting date: August 2010

Starting weight: 188.8 lbs (13 stone 6.8 lbs)

Today's weight: 148.2 lbs (10 stone 8.2 lbs)

Total weight loss: 40.6 lbs (2 stone 12.6 lbs)

I'll sort out some better pics at some point, but the one on the right is the most recent.

Before and After:

It's kind of hard to imagine what 40lbs looks like so in anticipation of this day I've prepared some graphics!

40lbs is the equivalent to...

Nearly 9 two litre bottles of drink!

40 tins of soup!

16 large pineapples!

Graphic design isn't my strong point, but I have to award myself with a certificate today!

I've still got a little way to go, but not too much. I'll write more about that next time, and also answer some questions about how I've lost the weight. If you have any questions, leave a comment, give me a shout on twitter or drop me an email

'Lost' doesn't feel like the right word today!

I've abandoned...

I've been liberated from...

I've left behind...

I've said goodbye to...

I've ditched...

I've banished...

40 lbs!

Would love to write a whole lot more, but have a big wedding photography day ahead of me. Catch you soon! :)

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