Saturday, 5 February 2011

Weekly weight loss report - week 5

In the photo below you are looking at a lady who is just 1.8lbs away from a 40lb weight loss!

I should reach the 40lb mark soon and this is quite significant for me as when I started my weight loss endeavours in August, 40lbs was my goal.

Taken before I went out last night.

And it's just dawned on me that 6 months have passed since I decided to lose weight (having more energy for my trip to NYC was my motivation). During that time I've lost on average 6lbs a month/1.5lbs a week. A nice steady, and as the doctors like to tell us, sensible weight loss rate.

This week's weight loss - 2.4lbs
Total weight loss - 38.8lbs (2 stone 10.8lbs)

I must say I've surprised myself. I was never unhappy when I was heavier. I liked my curves! It didn't affect my confidence. I have high self esteem and I wouldn't criticise my looks or start any negative talk in my head or put myself down. I'd occasionally wish my tummy was a bit flatter, but that was a momentary thought that would be forgotten quite quickly.

Very occasionally my Mum or my best friend would suggest it might be healthier to lose weight, but I didn't pay much heed - I was happy as I was!

If it wasn't for my New York trip, perhaps I would still be the same weight as I was six months ago.

When I started to lose the pounds my Mum would say "You must feel better for it. You must feel the benefit." And I would kinda think "Well, I don't feel worse for it." It's only since breaking past the 30lb mark that I have started to feel differently....

Here are a few changes I've noticed:

  • I feel 'lighter' now. When I move around now, it's hard to explain, but it feels 'easier'.
  • I've introduced running and hula hooping, and find it hard to imagine running around whilst carrying around 30+lbs
  • I can wear high heels for longer without my feet hurting. Bonus! I haven't got the extra weight bearing down on my feet. My feet still ache, but it takes longer for that to kick in
  • It's getting easier to shop for clothes and they fit better which equals less stress whilst shopping
  • I don't crave junk or over processed foods anymore. My taste buds have changed.
  • I'm really enjoying cooking and planning my meals and I make more decisions based on nutrients and listening to what my body is asking for - I need more vegetables today. I need more fruit. I need more carbs. I would like a little bit of chocolate (rather than the whole bar!) I'm eating more instinctively.
  • My energy levels have increased. They must have done for me to take up running!

So now I'm feeling the benefits of weight loss. I don't feel this has been a hard, emotional, arduous time. Quite the opposite; it's exciting and I don't feel deprived of anything plus I'm really proud of myself too.

I still have a little way to go, but I'm getting there. I'm not in a rush and I'm enjoying the journey :)


Anonymous said...

Incredible, and more than a little inspiring! You must feel mega-proud. Makes me think that my gymming will pay off if I keep at it. Now my only problem is getting the right food in, and not over- or underdoing it.

Unlike you I can't say I'm happy with the way I look, so it feels more out of need than desire, but if I can achieve anything close to what you've done, I'll be extremely happy.

Well done you! x

Karen Strunks said...

Hi Mark! Thanks for your comment!

Well done on all the gymming. Yes, keep at it, you are investing time in your health and building up your fitness.

I think we all know what to do, sometimes it's the Doing It bit that we get stuck on. It's a mental as well as a physical endeavour.

Food wise I find that if I don't buy it, I can't eat it lol. I make a shopping list and stick to it (and don't go food shopping on a hungry tummy!). I try and find alternative but healthy treats - peanut butter is my favourite, but only a little. We cant deprive ourselves either!

How we look, or think we look, and how we feel is completely within our control. Give yourself compliments. Congratulate yourself on your workouts. It might feel silly at first, but it works.

Well done to you too! Really pleased for you. Keep me posted! :) x

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