Saturday, 26 February 2011

Weekly Weight Loss Report - Week 8 - Setting new weight loss goal

Put your sunglasses on - I am radiating proudness! ;)

Another loss this week. Which is great, but I wasn't expecting it.

I haven't changed what I've been eating (I've eaten no more or less than normal), but I've only been for one run (which I'm annoyed about, but more on that in another post). But then, it is possible to lose weight without exercise - I lost the first 30lbs without doing a thing exercise wise.

I guess, maybe, somewhere in the back of my mind, I thought that because I reached my original 40lbs weight loss goal last week, my progress would slow down, but my body doesn't know about my goal!

This week's weight loss - 2.6lbs

Total weight loss - 42.3lbs (3 stone 0.3lbs)

Which also means (I just realised this as I was doing the calculations!) I have lost 3 STONE!

I'm still keeping my weight loss chart stuck on my kitchen door and enjoying crossing off the pounds...

But now it's time to re-assess where I am going with losing weight and getting healthier and setting a new target.

Forty pounds was my original goal, and now I've met that.

By entering some basic figures into the NHS Healthy Weight calculator, it seems I am still in the 'overweight' category with a Body Mass Index (bmi) of 25.7.

And again, this chart below (where I have marked my starting weight and weight today) shows that I am still overweight too (even though I don't feel like it!)

Where to now? What's my next goal?

According to the charts I have quite a lot of room for maneuver at the moment. A healthy weight range for my height (5ft 3") would be between 7 stone 8lbs - 9 stone 13lbs.

I really can't imagine being 7 stone something, nor do I want to be. Or 8 stone something either. I can't imagine it suiting me and I do want to hold onto my curves too!

SO! I've had a little think and my next weight loss goal is 7lbs (half a stone).

This will take me (just!) into the healthy weight for my height range - 9 stone 12.5lb. Well, at that point I'm not going to quibble about half a pound!

So, my next aim is to get into the healthy weight range by losing 7lbs.

In my last post I asked you to let me know if you have any questions regarding my weight loss. The response was "HOW are you doing it?"

That's going to be a subject for a whole other post, and probably more, so I will address that soon!

But it'll come as no surprise (I hope!) that these delicious babies are my best friend more than ever now!

Excuse me while I just take a moment to say...

Another really pleasant clothes shopping experience was had today!

I'm off to Prague with bmibaby next weekend and so I thought that given the occasion, PLUS I wanted to celebrate reaching my 40lb goal, I would treat myself to a new dress.

I bought it in Quiz where I bought these two dresses late December. I remember on that occasion I was happy I could fit into a size large, given that this types of shop's size L was normally too small.

I've lost over 11lbs since that previous visit, and when I saw a dress I liked today I hesitated over which size to select so took a size 12 and 14 into the changing room. And the size 12 fitted perfectly! It is SO much easier to shop for clothes these days!

Look closely - closer - my collar bone is re-emerging! :D

Here is a better photo of the dress as that one above doesn't do it justice. I can't wait to wear it in Prague!

I'm glad I found a dress I liked. The flower can be interchanged with another (or none at all) so a splash of colour (red of course) can be added. Having a browse around the shops I must say I am not impressed with the spring colours on offer; orange, peach, pale green, cream, pale pink... I prefer bold colours and they suit me better.

I have been looking for the perfect business card holder for a long time now, and today I finally found one I like. AND it doubles a mirror so I can touch up my lipstick throughout the day haha.

I think that's all for now! I've got a lot of wedding photos to edit today and I'm pleased (and relieved) to say that at first scan, they have turned out really well!

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