Friday 25 May 2012

I have been recruited by Brave New Ventures

Update: Friday 1st June

My Brave New Venture mission has been confirmed.

I have received my uniform in the post. I shall wear it with pride!


I will do my very best and report back here next week. Watch this space!

Update: Tues 29th May

I have received notice that I have been awarded the rank of Chief Information Officer for Brave New Ventures.

"Your work in spreading the message of Brave New Ventures has been nothing short of exemplary, demonstrating extraordinary initiative, ability and passion for the project of which we are all but a small part. 
Working at Brave New Ventures is not always easy. On occasion we are tasked with objectives that stretch us to our limits. You have passed every test assigned to you, and it is for this reason that we are pleased to confirm your role as Chief Information Officer.
There still remains further induction and as such I have been summoned to London this week. Wish me luck with my mission!

I have been rather busy this month in one way or another* and since my last post it appears I have been head hunted by Brave New Ventures.

How intriguing.....

Next, this letter

Dear Candidate,
We are contacting you to inform you that you have been identified as a potential target for a crucial role within Brave New Ventures. 
Firstly, congratulations. Our identification process relies on a number of behavioural and suitability metrics. To have reached this stage is testament to your strength of character, adaptability and ability to communicate. Although you are not yet part of Brave New Ventures, very few candidates reach this stage. 
We are contacting you regarding a role that is of utmost importance to the continued operation of Brave New Ventures.  The success of our maiden voyage is crucial not only to our investors, but to humanity itself. It is imperative, therefore, that we find the right candidate for each and every position. If you prove your aptitude for this task, this role could be yours. 

"Crucial to humanity itself!"

Well, I mean....that's quite important. How can I reject BNV's approach?! And they obviously need my skills, strength of character and adaptability.

I checked them out and found a video about them. A very polished video that raises more questions than it answers.

They 'build the future'!

We all need a future, I'm happy to play a small part in ensuring that we have one.

I successfully completed a secret mission. Don't ask me what it was! I can't tell you. And remember, it's all for the good of the future!

Then I received this communication from Brave New Ventures.

Aptitude Stage One is complete. If you are receiving this message it is because you have been moved into Aptitude Stage Two. Congratulations, not many make it to this stage. 

To have passed the initial stage, you have displayed outstanding ability and talent in spreading the message of Brave New Ventures. We thank you. 
Stage Two is the final phase before you are a fully qualified Chief Information Officer. Although 9 job roles have been made open to the public, CIO is the only role for which we are carrying out targeted recruitment. Once you have qualified as our CIO, you will be rewarded. This will be discussed upon completion of Stage Two. 

In order for you to progress to Stage Two, you will need to display discretion, restraint and above all loyalty to Brave New Ventures. If you feel as if these qualities are beyond you, please do not read beyond this point.

Guess what I've gone and done....?! Yep, I've proceeded. I'm in this thing to deep already! It feels like it's too late to turn back.

If you can find out more about BNV than I have managed to so far, please let me know! I see that Brave New Ventures have a Corporate Hub where they are asking people to enroll. Maybe YOU have what they are looking for?!
If you decide to enroll, then I wish you GOOD LUCK!

*This is May Me Month**

**May Me Month is the month I have kept free just for me!! I took the first week of May off work completely, and didn't plan a thing, and I have made no commitments for the rest of the month***

***To be blogged about ;)


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Dave B (@BuckyKatt) said...

The fate of humanity is in your hands! Congratulations and good luck doing those things that you're not able to tell us about. Sounds interesting. "Brave" and "new ventures" sound right up your alley... keep us posted!

Karen Strunks said...

Ha ha! Thanks Dave. It's all Top Secret *nod nod*wink wink*. Just doing my bit for the good of the world. I hope! :D

Alina Stan said...

But what am innovative approach from their part. Hm, gives me ideas :)

Karen Strunks said...

Yes, #bravenewventures certainly know how to intrigue and persuade!

Ooh, great that it's spurned some ideas. Looking forward to hearing! :)

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