Wednesday, 14 September 2011

This weekend - Palma Live!

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This weekend me and my lovely Mum, Margaret aka @createdineire, will be donning our sun hat and shades and heading for sunnier climes in Palma!

My Mum @createdineire
We  are flying with bmibaby and we shall be arriving at the Horizonte Hotel on Friday evening and check out on Monday.

What shall we do in between? It's over to you! We are putting ourselves in your hands!

Leave a comment on bmibaby's Facebook page or their blog, tweet me, of leave me a comment here. I'm making a note of all recommendations!

The hotel have made their own suggestion!

Bed jumping?! OK. It's on the list. My mum can't wait :D (video)

Do you Gowalla? 

I'm going to be updating my Gowalla passport as I go along, so come and join me! 

Of course (of course!) I'll be tweeting too, and you can follow the hash tag for the weekend #palmalive 

Once again I'm putting myself (and my Mum!) in your hands and inviting you to be my virtual travel companions! Have you been to Palma? What do you recommend? Have you always wanted to go? Where would you like to see? I'll do my best to fit it all in! :)

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