Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Palma Live! The photos, the tweets, the videos!

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Wow! What a weekend in Palma!

This was a trip with a twist - the itinerary was set by my and bmibaby's friends and followers! A real social media collaboration. Just my cup of tea!

It was only a 2.5 hour flight from Birmingham Airport, and we managed to fit a lot in during our weekend. The sun was shining the whole weekend and it was fabulous to explore the coastal city with it's mix of old town cobbled streets with a sparkling beach so close too!

I'll let all the videos, photos and tweets speak for themselves - they paint a really great picture of my 3 nights away with my Mum @createdineire 

If you can't see the videos, you can view them over on :) 

Exploring the narrow streets (aka getting lost!) suggested by Benjamin Handbury on Facebook

As suggested by Julie Pettifor on Facebook

My Mum - getting carried away with the bling at Birmingham Airport's duty free shops

Trying on Prada sunglasses at Birmingham Airport!

Groovy Baby! Boarding the bmibaby flight to Palma

In the park  with Monumento a Jaime I el Conquistador  as suggested by Julie Pettifor

The Gran Hotel - suggested by @turismebalears

The Gothic La Seu cathedral suggested by Aiden Gill and Benjamin Handbury

The Basilica de Sant Francesc suggested by @sineadymcg

My last morning of sunshine before coming home

Bed Jumping in the Bloggers Room at Horizonte Hotel - it's tradition! :D 
Here's a little (big! ha) round up of my #palmalive tweets from the weekend on Storify.

Thank you to everyone who made Palma suggestions! And many thanks to bmibaby, Turisme Baleares and Horizonte Hotel! :)

Say hello on twitter! @karenstrunks.

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