Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Time for a social media profile change. New portrait photos!

Since losing 50lbs, I thought it was high time for a new profile photo to reflect the new and improved me. I wanted a strong, colourful image for all my social media sites (youtube, twitter, blogs, website, facebook etc etc...).

Here's a bonus before and after comparison! The image on the right was my old social media profile photo.

What a difference!

And...HELLO COLLAR BONES! I must admit to being quite fascinated with my newly emerged collar bones. When I check myself in the mirror, its not my hair, make up or clothes that I'm eyes are drawn to, it's those collar bones. It's quite a novelty I guess.

I set up the tripod and camera at home and decided to DIY the photo shoot. Well, I am a photographer after all. It would be a shame if I didn't get the benefit of my own skills!

I have a shutter release cable, so it was just a matter of click, click, clicking away. To be honest, it might have been easier to get someone else to do it all, but I was impatient and wanted new pics NOW.

A change of outfit. I love this dress and wear it fairly often. It was a fairly close fit when I bought it a 2/3 months ago, but it feels lose on me already.

After comparing each outfit I decided to go with my dress with the red in it as red is my favourite colour.

I've got my best friend arriving to stay this weekend (sooo excited!!) and we've said if the weather is good on Saturday we'll go out and do a portrait shoot together, so there could be some more photos coming soon! :)


Andy Mabbett said...

Shouldn't you retitle your blog "A bit /less/ of Karen...."?

Karen Strunks said...

haha, yes! A few peeps have suggest that! :D

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