Monday, 25 April 2011

Weekly Weight Loss Report - Week 16 - Hello 9 STONE & new friend introduction

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I'm in the 9 stone range! 9 stone 13lbs. It's been a long time since I saw 9 stone. Possibly over 10 years or maybe longer!

Just broke the 140lb barrier!

This has been a lovely surprise to say the least!!

To back track to the weekend and my official weigh day which is Saturday. I weighed myself on Saturday morning and noted a 1.2lb loss. Thanks goodness I thought! If you have been following my weight loss, you will know I haven't seen a loss for about 3/4 weeks, so I was happy to finally see the scales move. Being so close to my 50lb weight loss goal, I'm kinda getting excited about when it will happen.

However, I had a manic Saturday and Sunday. Saturday started with at 5.30am alarm call for a BBC Radio Wales interview (video link) about the 4am Project, then I had to check out a wedding venue for a wedding photography booking, I fitted in some food shopping, a meeting about the 4am Project event I was organising at Birmingham Central Library, some 4am Project prep, then after grabbing about 3 hours sleep, I was up at 1am on Sunday morning for the actual event itself (which went fantastically well I'm pleased to say!). Sunday was spent attending to the 4am project in a sleep deprived but happy haze.

My point is, I didn't eat very well. I don't think I over ate too much, but I was defintely reaching for quick snacks and more processed food than normal. I thought I was bound to have put back on that 1.2lbs!

So, I broke my own only-weigh-yourself-once-a-week rule, and stepped on the scales again this morning. And what do you know? I only lost another 2lbs! Suprised, shocked, delighted!!

This means I am only ONE pound away from my 50lb weight loss goal.

Starting weight: 188.8lbs
Today's weight: 139.8lbs
Total lost: 49lbs (3 stone 7lbs)

Weight loss chart since August 2010

Of course, I might put a 1lb or two on again, I might not, but right now I'm celebrating!

I usually put a photo of my fruit and veg haul for the week up. And this is what I selected this week. Not quite the huge haul of previous weeks but I still have some fruit & veg from last week to use up.

I thought this week I would show you some of the other non fruit and veg items I bought too.

Low fat crisps, cooked slamon, fruit cake slices, sliced ham, guacamole, salsa, chicken/bacon/mayo sandwich filler and houmous.

Some of these items are more processed than others, such as the cake, crisps, ham and sandwich filler. The other items aren't so much.

Of course, I'll be eating other things this week too such as eggs, chicken, maybe pork, rice/pasta, and the odd square of chocolate, but on the whole I'll be eating 80/90% unprocessed food with 10/20% processed as I always do (except for this past weekend!).

Oh, and peanut butter! Nearly forgot that. I'll probably have a few spoonfuls of that on some rice cakes!


Last week I completed the most miles I have ever done in one week since taking up running at the beginning of the year. 14.57 miles!

This was split over 5 runs, the longest being 5 miles and the other were shorter runs or intervals.

Click on images to enlarge.

And today I completed 5 miles in my fastest time ever! 53 minutes and 31 seconds.

I've said before that I wasn't bothered about time, but it's actually nice to see improvements. I'm still amazed that I am getting out there and doing it. I'm pleased to report my new running shoes are doing a great job of keeping my feet blister free!

Meet my new friend!

Yep, I've gone and got myself a bike! A neighbour was selling it at a good price so I thought I would invest in it, imagining all the miles I could cover whilst taking in the scenery!

I haven't been on a bike since I was about 10 and I got off to a rather wobbly start. A neighbour who was watching the whole event said "You're cycling just like you've just had the stabilizers removed". He was right!

But....after a few minutes I kinda got the hang of it, tentatively testing the brakes, and how to turn corners. Sounds so simple right?!

I only took it on a 5 minute test run, but at least I didn't fall off. I think it's going to take a little while to build up my confidence. And strength - it was much harder work on my legs than I had imagined. However, as with my running, given practice, I'll improve.

I'd like to customise my bike (and name her!) at some point. She is blue/purple at the moment and I think she needs to be red! I'm not sure how to go about this, if it'll be easy or not. I don't want to make a mess of her either, so I'll have to do some research!

So, a rather eventful weekend all in all! :)

Just one weight loss tip today.

Don't give up.

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