Tuesday, 23 April 2013

My last minute getaway to the Welsh mountains

Can you tell me where this year has gone already?

 2013 is the year that went by at double speed.

Just after the last 4am Project event, I realised I hadn't taken a break this year already. Maybe the odd weekend off, and I have mainly been sticking to having a day off a week, but all of a sudden I felt like I need to STOP.

And there began the rush and many hours of online searching for my the secluded countryside cottage I had in mind. I wanted to be as far away from civilisation (whilst still being civilised!) as I could comfortably get.

It did me the world of good to get away and re-charge my batteries. I slept loads, took walks up hills and down vales and got more fresh air than was probably good for me lol.

The search was worth it. I found the perfect place to unwind, slow down and come to a complete stop.

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