Sunday, 10 March 2013

My child free choice

It's Mother's Day today and I will be spending it with the luckiest mum in the world haha.

My mum is awesome. We get on great and she is so generous and kind and funny too. Check out some her videos!  She's got all the qualities of a brilliant mum! And thankfully I've got her good looks hehee.

I haven't got a maternal side like my mum though.

I'll never be a mother.

I have given thought about the pros and cons of having a child. I have weighed things up rationally. I don't have that biological clock dictating that I must reproduce. My priorities in life are different.

I've made a positive choice and I have many dreams, goals and ambitions, and none of them include a child.

Some people say 'Oh, you don't know what you will miss out on!'

I know exactly what I will miss out on:

Waking up at my leisure every day
Years and years of to-ing and fro-ing on school runs
Not being able to go out on my own without involving babysitters and notifying people
Tantrums, crying and moody teenagers
Peace and serenity
Doctor and hospital visits
The pain of giving birth
Being tied to a man forever whether I like him or not
Competitive parents
Strained relationships
Easy travel

but most importantly of all is that I will miss out on......


Freedom to travel at a moments notice
Freedom to do what I want when I want
Freedom from consulting others
Freedom to pursue my dreams
Freedom to sit quietly and read
Freedom to spend my money how I like
Freedom to daydream without interruption


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