Saturday, 8 September 2012

Weight loss update for August


As promised to myself, and you, here's my monthly weight loss update:

In the month of August I lost 9lbs.

However! I spent pretty much the whole of August being ill, being in hospital, or getting better!

I spent one week in hospital and in that week I lost 6 or 7lbs, so I can't really all the credit for the weight loss this month!

Losing weight in the last month hasn't been my priority; the unexpected illness took up all my mental and physical energy and since coming out of hospital I've been concentrating on eating very well (as I would do to lose weight anyway), but it wasn't with the same mindset or awareness that I would have when losing weight. It was more about building my strength up and recovery, and I haven't had the energy to do any exercise either.

Since being diagnosed with a few tiny gallstones (so small, yet so much pain!), I have been told that I can't have fat. Fat can aggravate the condition. So, no/very low fat food and cooking for me right now. But what I have noticed since cutting out fat is that I am developing a sweet tooth for the first time! Whereas, for most of my life I'd be generally more inclined to go for salty food, now I actually want sugar. Perhaps it's all to do with getting a 'quick' energy fix. Neither fat (well the bad fats anyway) or sugar are good for you, but both provide energy. I've become a little too keen on lemon meringue pie!

But it's soooo good! ;) 

The good news is I'm starting to feel much, much better and my energy levels are returning and I feel like I'm getting back to 'me' again. Hurrah! At last! I can start looking at introducing exercise in the next week. It'll only be a little bit at a time and I need to build up my confidence as it was only a few weeks ago that I couldn't even get out of bed without a huge amount of effort. A bit at a time, but I'll get there!

After my last blog post a few peeps said they would be getting on track again too. I hope you are all doing well! I meant to drop you a line, but then stupid gallstones attacked, but I hope to catch up with you soon by twitter/email/etc.

It's over and out for me for now. I've already been out and stocked up on fruit and veg for the week ahead.

A very happy fridge. Yes, that's a lemon meringue pie in the naughty corner ;)

And now I'm going to attempt to catch up on work from the month of August. It's just me and my to-do list today, and I'm going to conquer it!

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