Saturday, 15 September 2012

A little blog make-over on a Saturday

Hello! I hope you are having a happy Saturday!

Mine is going very well thank you, if a little too quickly.

I got up with the larks to restock my fridge with fruit and vegetables at the city centre market which is about 3 miles away and a really quick drive early in the morning. I've got loads of independent fruit and veg shops near me, but if I get the chance I do like going to the Bullring market. I like the hustle and bustle and the shouts of the traders. Plus there is an amazing array of colourful produce from about 60+ traders, and you can't leave there without a bargain.

Last Saturday - a happy fridge

This morning - a very sad fridge

All stocked up again! £7.60 in total. I love fresh sweetcorn right now

I'm really getting into nail art at the moment, and I'm going to post all my successes and failures in a blog post soon. I *think* I'm getting a bit better. Two things you definitely need is time and patience, so I make it a Sunday night activity. I've been saving up some of my favourite nail art inspiration (and make-up and other favourite bits) over on Pinterest if you fancy a look. 

Whilst I was out today I picked up some more polish but I only like the Barry M sparkly one. It's true what they say; buy cheap, buy twice. The other sparkly polishes look nice, but they were cheap and they are only good for the bin, or holding up to the light and admiring - I do love sparkles! I'll probably use the white polish for nail arty stuff, but on it's own it just looks like Tippex! Anyway, I'm a bit down on all nail polish brands apart of OPI which is my favourite in the whole wide world ever. It does what I want it to - stays on. My second favourite is Nails Inc. I popped into Debenhams  where Nails Inc have a little corner in the store, but I was really disappointed with the state of it. It wasn't staffed (it was about 10am), the stock was really poorly displayed, it looked like some of the shelves needed a good clean and the polishes weren't organised very well. I'm wondering if they are closing down their corner. It looked abandoned an neglected. It put me off.

I don't know what happened when I was in hospital, but I've noticed that my nails have never been stronger or longer! Maybe it's because my hands got a complete rest whilst I was ill. I didn't lift a finger for a week. And even when I got home I did very little. I can't remember when my nails were ever this long. I hope they stay this way from now on!

Anyway! I got distracted. The reason I started this blog post was to 'unveil' my new blog header! I completely didn't do the work I was meant to do to this afternoon because I found inspiration in an unusual place - a magazine. Well, maybe not that unusual a place but it is rare that an advert will catch my eye. It's probably because it had the word 'more' and my favourite colour red.

I've wanted to update this blog's header for ages now so I struck whilst the inspiration iron was hot and went from this....

Farewell old blog header!
To this!

I think it's a bit brighter and more me. And I even used other colours apart from red. That's a rare thing! Ha.

I'm going to dash now. I really fancy a cocktail tonight. I haven't had a drink since the night I was rushed to hospital (I did mention I was ill and went to hospital didn't I?! hehe) and I've temporarily had a little break from alcohol. I'm practically living the life of a saint at the moment. I must remedy that soon!

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