Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sunday Film Club: Mean Streets

I rent films from Lovefilm and receive two each week. Sunday, my official day off, is usually Film Day in my house.

I sent a tweet out saying that this week's films were Mommie Dearest and Mean Streets.

My friend @Najmc suggested that we watch Mean Streets together, but in our respective homes, using twitter to chat about it as we watched. What a great idea!

So this afternoon, that just what we did. I thought I'd experiment with Storify again and decided upon the hash tag of #sundayfilm club.

I really enjoyed the experience of having a virtual film watching companion. Of course, we were tweeting so there were little interuptions, but it was kinda cool sharing the film across the miles! Another Yay for Twitter!

Say Hello on twitter: @karenstrunks

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