Friday, 24 June 2011

Cairo Bound with British Midland International!

It was just another Wednesday morning. The rain was falling. (I'm trying to paint a picture!)......I was glued to my online work. My phone broke my concentration..


"Hi! I know it's short notice, but would you like to go on a press trip to Cairo with British Midlands International?"


"This weekend!"

" that where the pyramids are?"


"Okay then. I'll just check I can get the time off work!"

And that's the conversation summed up quite neatly, and there was the added bonus that I could bring someone with me!

When the phone call ended, I was racking my brains. Could I really go? What was in my dairy for the weekend? Could I get the time off work?

Luckily I hadn't committed to any work, and had given myself not only Sunday off (as is usual) but Saturday off too. So far so good.

Hmmm, who to bring with me?! I thought of my friend and colleague Nicky Getgood. I thought she would love this!

"Hi Nicky. I've got something exciting to ask you! Do you want to come to Cairo this weekend?!"

"Errr (digesting out of the blue request), Yes!"

We got the time booked off work (Thank you Will!), and now we are almost all set to go!

Here's what we know so far....It's going to be a pretty amazing trip to a very exciting city!!

On Saturday morning (5am!!) Nicky and I will be coach ward bound to Heathrow Airport.

We are flying with British Midland International, and having already checked in online, we will be welcomed to the business lounge.

Our flight leaves at around 9am (I had better double check that!), and we are flying Business Class! Surprisingly, this will be a first for me, and I am really looking forward to the experience. Of course, there will be photos taken en route to Cairo!

Not only are we flying business class, we will then be collected from the airport by limousine by the Four Seasons Cairo which will be our accommodation for the next three nights.

That's the way to do it!

Then, we throw ourselves into the city and all it has to offer!

The Four Seasons will have wifi so myself and Nicky will be tweeting when we are in our rooms, probably early morning/late night, and using the hashtag #bmicairo. And of course, I'll be blogging about it here upon my return and I will also be writing a piece for BMI's website too.

Right now I have a whole lotta packing to do! Today I bought the biggest sun hat ever! And new shades too. I hear it's pretty hot in Cairo! :)

You can follow our Cairo adventures on twitter @karenstrunks @getgood #bmicairo

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