Tuesday, 21 June 2011

My new and old necklaces..

Just wanted to share with you a couple of new and old necklaces that have come into my possession of late!

First up is this gorgeous red, semi precious stone necklace that I won in The People Shop raffle.

I hardly ever win when I enter raffles and so not only was I delighted to score a prize, I was over the moon that it was red too!

The People Shop say they are Officially Birmingham's Nicest Shop. Quite a claim, but (and not just because I wont this necklace!), I agree. I've met Alison and Christian who own the shop, and not only is it a treasure trove of gorgeous items such as clothing, accessories and gifts, they really will give you such a warm welcome you won't want to leave!

My other necklace is a bit of a strange one!

I'm never going to get the chance to actually wear this necklace.

I saw that Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery were running an Adopt An Object scheme. Curiosity got the better of me and I went to have a browse around the items online.

This necklace immediately grabbed my attention. It is a late 19th century/early 20th century currency necklace from the Pacific island of Kiribati. It's made out of plates of pearl shell. I started to imagine how many people used to own the necklace, how it was used for bartering, what type of things were bought with the necklace. I bet it has quite an interesting story!

Why adopt an object.

As BMAG says on their website:
"Adopt an Object and help care for your favourite collections at Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery. By making a donation and adopting an object, you will help us care for our collection, preserve local and national heritage, and inspire thousands of people every year. Whether your passion is for Pre-Raphaelite art or ancient civilisations, we hope you will get involved and Adopt an Object for yourself or as a unique gift for your friends and family."

When you adopt an item you receive a lovely pack containing a Certificate of Adoption, a fact sheet about the item and a fridge magnet!

Both quite different necklaces with very different stories behind them and I shall treasure them both equally :)

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