Friday, 8 May 2015

Voting for the first time in the UK General Elections

It seemed to surprise a few people that I had NEVER voted in the UK General Elections before. Yesterday was the very first time.

In this video I talk about my spontaneous decision to go out and vote. I can't say I was that joyous about my decision, certainly by the end of the video I could feel doubts creeping.

Also I talk about people's FREEDOM to chose not to vote, what I find negative about politics and voting and how disparaging people can be over other's RIGHTS not to vote. It's not my most positive of videos which confirms my feeling about politics in general.

Later that evening I felt something I can only deem to be 'voter's remorse'. Not that I would change who I voted for as such, but it felt like I had 'conformed' or given in or lost a little bit of me.


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