Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The time I ended up in an eating disorders unit

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, I found myself admitted to an eating disorder unit... This video tells that story.

So, I've documented my weight loss journey before on this blog but I felt like sharing a bit more about it and giving you a bit more background via this video.  

I'm kicking things off again, and I invite you to JOIN ME!

I'm starting a friendly, private group for anyone who wants some accountability whilst on their journey to a happy, healthy body. I'm not giving specific 'what to eat/do' advice, but I will be sharing with you what worked for me when I previously lost 50lbs.

This group is for support, accountability, motivation, with a bit of butt kicking in between. I know I'll need it! :D

Join the Happy Healthy Body group here.

Karen  x

PS If you'd like to follow what I'm eating to loose fat and get healthy; it's mainly 90% unprocessed food and about 50% (or more!) fruit & veg. I'm documenting what I eat over here if you are interested! :) 

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