Friday, 2 November 2012

Ghost Hunting in Moseley Bog!

Warning: Only read this when it's daylight.

Hallowe'en!! Scary stuff right?

Well, not scary enough for me so I invited my friend Ben to go ghost hunting with me on Thursday night. That sounds like I was going to go ghost hunting anyway. I can assure you I was not! I'm not that daft.

Pre-ghost hunting preparations involved getting my kit ready and looking out of the window at the weather. It was bucketing down! Would that stop determined paranormal investigators? Not at all!

I joked with Ben that we would need pumpkin lanterns to light our way in the woods. He didn't have a pumpkin, but look at this apple carving! Very cute.

My 'kit' comprised of my compact camera, iPhone with the M2 Ghost Hunting app (stop sniggering at the back!), divining rods, and flip camera and 2 torches to light our way. I wore my flowery wellington boots. Oh, and I had painted my nails; tips blood dipped.

This was my first attempt at gradient nails. Not perfect, but I got away with imperfections due to the Halloween nature of them. Let's see how attempt no.2 goes!

Wrapped up against the elements, we walked the 5 minutes to Moseley Bog which is particularly known as a place that inspired JRR Tolkien whilst he was writing Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit.

We stepped off the main road and through a muddy path that led the way into a field. We walked through and found another pathway which led to another field and then the tree lined paths narrowed and became a little more windy. Torches on, we tried to make a note of how many turns we had taken - imagine getting lost in the woods all night so close to home!

The rain was relentless and with the trees losing their leaves for winter, there was very little shelter about. We walked along the path with sheets of rain thundering all around us and found a tree that offered very little shelter really, but it was the best we were going to get!

I wrapped up my iPhone in a little bag and booted up the ghost app.

'Ring', it said. Ring! Lord of the Rings!! Tell me that's not a coincidence!

The radar that detects spirits was lighting up all around us.

Here's Ben. He holds the torch. His was better than mine.

These are Ben's misty pics. We figured out that the mist is just our breath in the cold air. What a disappointment! 

My divining rods. Nice nails!

No sense! Standing in the woods in the rain checking my ghost app for spirits! 

But check this out!! Lots of orbs which are raindrops caught in the cameras flash, but if you check the top left hand corner and tell me what you see!!

Do you see it?! Or rather, do you see....them?!

I must admit when I first saw them when I was checking the back of the camera, I was freaked out.

I enjoyed the haunted woods and didn't get too scared and I only screamed once when I thought Ben was walking behind me and I saw a black man-sized figure in front of me.

We popped to the local pub afterwards to come back to the land of the living and I enjoyed a 'spirit' and Ben had a 'whine'. Sorry. Don't blame me. That's Ben's joke.

Back to reality in the pub

Thank you Ben for being a great ghost hunter! I'll now make you an official member of the B13 Ghost Hunting Gang which I've just made up. Get in touch if you are made of tough stuff and would like to be part of the gang! ;)

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Elizabeth said...

Oooh "they" live in the raindrops...! Very spooky. Very Dr Who!!

Karen Strunks said...

Don't be surprised if they appear in the next series of Dr Who! ;)

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