Saturday, 13 August 2011

Weight loss update, bra saga and new dresses!

I've been suffering with quite a bad cold this week, and I've been feeling quite fed up with it altogether. It's really slowed me down and my normal bounding energy has taken leave. I've hardly got anything done, I've barely been out of the house (and I'm going a bit stir crazy!) and I've hardly moved an inch.

What's that saying? Feed a cold and starve a fever? My appetite this week has been HUGE!! It's really taken me by surprise. I don't think I've felt actual hunger since I started losing weight but this week it's like I couldn't eat enough! Weird.

So, I've listened to my body (as I have throughout my weight loss) and ate more. Larger portions. Sometimes second helpings. I'm guessing as my body was fighting off germs it was asking for more vitamins/nutrients? Just my theory.

The result this week, weight loss wise, is I have put on 3lbs. To be honest, I was expecting it to be around 7lbs. Honestly. I haven't done any exercise and the most strenuous thing I did was take the rubbish out. How do I feel about putting on 3lbs? OK. I've been ill, these things happen.

I've still kept just under my goal weight. I'm happy here and with my maintenance overall, but just because I've reached goal it doesn't mean my weight loss journey has ended and I'll write more about that another time.

3lbs gain this week! Still under goal weight. Just!

I enjoyed a wonderful day out in Solihull with my Mum last week (pre illness).

I hate to say it but it made for a much nicer shopping experience compared to one I had in Birmingham in July when we had a day out. I came home from that day in a really bad mood. Why? Countless unhelpful and unfriendly shop staff.

It started off with my search for new bras for my new figure. I went to Marks and Spencer first, asked two members of staff for help with fitting, only to be told to come back later in the week as I had to make an appointment. I asked if I could just be quickly measured so I could get an idea of roughly the size I needed and was told no. I asked if I could just borrow a tape measure to measure myself in that case and a particularly grumpy member of staff begrudgingly whipped the tape around me and told me my size. I was the only person in the changing room with two members of staff, neither of which wanted to do anything to help. Some people just love to say 'no' and that was the case here. One of them could have spared a few minutes. Needless to say I left.

Then I went to House Of Fraser. Luckily a lady was happy to measure me and she provided me with a few bras, but it was busy so she could only help me for a little while. At least she tried to help in the time she had. I must have tried on about 15 bras. None of them looked or felt right.

I went to La Senza. Short staffed. 10 bras later, no joy.

I went to Debenhams. I almost begged for someone to help me at this point, but it was the same story as M&S. Two members of staff in the changing area, chatting away with each other, but both too busy to help me.

I came away empty handed despite trying on about 40 bras that day and can say that every member of shop staff I encountered was unhelpful and grumpy. The only person that was actually friendly was a lady at a food place in the Pallasades. I don't expect much when I go out shopping, just a bit of help without an attitude.

But back to Solihull! What a difference. The shop staff there were lovely in every shop! It made for a much nicer time altogether.

My mum had got a head start in the shops and had already bought me a present. This white jacket. I wouldn't ordinarily go for a white jacket, but I actually really like this one. Makes a change too.

New white jacket. Thanks Mum!
We ended up spending around 4 hours in House Of Fraser! There were so many bargains in the sale and I tried a ton of clothes on and had a break for a bite of lunch.

I found a new clothing line that really caught my eye. Yumi. They had such cute designs.

Rainbows and hearts! I didn't buy this one though

I think their range is aimed at a younger age, but I'm going to keep an eye on their site now (and they have some sales on there).

I picked up this dress.

Reduced from £50 to £15
Here's a better photo of it. 

And before we finally left HoF, I managed to get new bras!! And it was SO easy compared to my attempt in Birmingham. A lovely lady helped me straight away and within 15mins I had found the perfect fit in the Freya range. Happy! Whew.

On the look out for a red belt (I can't find one anywhere) I wandered into Oasis and a glimpse of red was calling me over. I'd wanted a dress like this for so long! And it was in the sale. I can't wait to wear it! It's so cute.

And I picked up this striking necklace in my colours.

Since losing weight I've noticed that I'm getting much more into clothes (and getting into them better too!). I don't think the novelty of being able to pick up a size 12 and it fitting has worn off. Okay, not every item fits, but there's a much better chance of something fitting me straight away than before I lost 50lbs. It really makes such a difference! 

And the best news is that RED is coming back into season again. Double whoop!

I'm going to be taking it easy for the rest of the weekend. I've had to cancel my planned night out which I am really disappointed about, but I don't feel qutie well enough. Mind you, I'm desperate to see some friends after a week being home along and ill! Hopefully soon.

Hope you are having a great weekend! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Karen - top blog, bras are a nightmare! Go to bravissimo for a decent fitting, the don't measure you just look at how the bra you're wearing fits - does it ride up etc and then give you new ones to try, i ended up in a completely different size and got a perfect fit. Freya are great. Try for good bargains and the midnightgrace range online are lovely. think that stars n rainbows dress is amazing - BUY IT! amy x

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy! Thanks, glad you like the blog. And thanks for the bra tips too. Glad to have found something now, but it was all getting a bit stressful lol. I loved that dress, but it was really low cut at the front - hence the back shot haha :) x

Rickie J said...

Hi Karen,
Still gutted to hear of your problems in M&S - really shocked. I've always found them to be brilliant at every store in the country I have bought lingerie from - and I have a lot of experience!! I'm such an odd size they seem to like the challenge of finding me something to fit! Glad you got sorted though and had a lovely day in Solihull, jacket & dress look great!

Rickie J said...

Also, I keep thinking of a brilliant service: Someone that can check if all your bra's still fit in the way they should. Wouldnt it be great if everytime you went for a fitting you can take say 5 old bras and they can check if they still give you right support etc. I have way too many so the old rule about replacing them every 6-12 months doesnt apply - may only where them 3-4 times in that period!!

Karen Strunks said...

Hi Rickie, I'm still feeling disappointed in M&S, it's really put me off them. It was the attitude of the staff too. I'll still pop in there, but only to the food department now.

That's a great idea about the bra service! Wouldn't it be fab if stores offered that!

So glad to have got fitted out now. I must not change shape again as I can't go through another day of trying on bras haha. xx

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